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Conkle, Kremer & Engel (CK&E) is a Professional Law Corporation that was founded in 1982 as Conkle & Olesten and changed to its current name in 2007.  CK&E has been practicing law continuously in the Los Angeles area for more than 40 years, with complete commitment to the service of its clients.  The firm’s attorneys have decades of experience guiding clients toward their objectives in all aspects of business, intellectual property and insurance issues, employment and commission disputes.  The firm works with its clients to identify problems and evaluate the most economical and advantageous route to the optimal solution, be it through negotiation, mediation, litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

CK&E is based in Santa Monica, California, in Los Angeles County, but its lawyers regularly practice in state and federal courts throughout California, including Silicon Valley, San Diego, San Francisco and the Inland Empire. CK&E attorneys also make special appearances in matters throughout the United States.

3130 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica

3130 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica

CK&E has always focused on brand protection for manufacturers and distributors. For example, in the health and beauty aids, professional salon products, cosmetics and personal care products industries, the CK&E routinely enforces restricted distribution rights to deter gray market product diversion.  CK&E attorneys assure clients’ rights in intellectual property, including seizure of counterfeit products, and protect interests in trademarks, copyrights, patents and Internet domain names.  CK&E also helps its clients navigate complex regulatory federal and state regulatory requirements, like Proposition 65, California Organic Products Act and Green Chemistry laws.

CK&E provides full service for its business clients, including labor and employment issues, contract negotiation and dispute resolution, employment issues, disputes over sales commissions, trade secret protection and compelling insurers to live up to the promises of their insurance policies and the requirements of California law.

Clients of CK&E range from among America’s 100 largest businesses to individual entrepreneurs and professionals. CK&E recognizes that straight hourly billing does not meet the needs of every client in every situation.  In appropriate circumstances, the firm offers flexible fee structures including contingency fees, mixed hourly/contingency fees, sliding scales, flat fees, and task-based billing.

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