Summer Law Clerk Program

For many years, Conkle, Kremer & Engel has engaged capable law students for summer clerkships.

CK&E’s regular practice is to involve summer law clerks in assignments for actual client matters, with opportunities for broad exposure to many aspects of its intellectual property and business litigation practice. CK&E does not use a formal rotation, but the goal is for summer clerks to work with as many CK&E lawyers as possible.

CK&E does not have summer clerks perform rote work assignments with no meaning to any real clients.  All of CK&E’s work for summer clerks is assigned with the intention that the summer clerks’ work product will be used to benefit real clients in real matters.  Attorneys at CK&E provide ample feedback to summer clerks to help them achieve the desired work product.

In addition to research and writing for active matters, CK&E’s program is intended to provide law students who are considering business and intellectual property litigation careers with meaningful training, constructive feedback, and a realistic introduction to CK&E’s practice.  CK&E strives to give summer clerks opportunities to attend and participate in substantive business litigation events such as client conferences, witness interviews, depositions, mediations, hearings and trials.

CK&E’s goal is to provide summer clerks, as nearly as possible, the kind of experience they would obtain as a starting lawyer at CK&E.  This benefits both summer clerks and CK&E, because former summer clerks often become lawyers at CK&E.

If you would like to be considered for a summer clerkship at CK&E please submit a timely resume & cover letter to

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