Administrative Law and Trade Regulation

What’s Your Game Plan? – CK&E Presentation to Personal Care Products Council

CK&E Wins Appeal for NHIC

Contracts, Business & Finance

Can Directors, Officers and Shareholders Interfere with their Corporation’s Contracts? 

When a Corporate Contract is Not a Corporate Contract

Hazards of Handshakes

A Football Fan Scorned

Distributor Agreements and Relations

Use of ADR in Franchise and Distributorship Disputes

Enforcing Rights Against Product Diversion

Beauty Industry Reports: CK&E Celebrates 30 Years of Service to the Salon Industry

CK&E Defeats Diversion Conspiracy

Price-Costco Found in Contempt of Court; President and CEO Ordered to Appear for Sentencing Hearing

Seattle Times Article

Insurance Bad Faith and Coverage

Business Insurance Coverage for Evictions?

The Facts Involved, not the Title of the Claims Made, Determine Whether Insurance Applies to a Lawsuit

False Imprisonment Is Not Limited To Kidnapping

Who Pulled the Knife? – Homeowners’ Insurance Coverage for Defamation

CK&E Establishes Insurer Duty to Defend Patent Infringement Claims

Insurers Are Required to Defend 100% 

No Auto Insurance Coverage For Drive-By Shootings, But Possibly For Just About Anything Else That Happens Involving Use of a Car

Policyholders’ Rights to Insurance Coverage and Defense

Insurance Coverage for Sexual Harrasment, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Discrimination Claims

Intellectual Property, Trade Secret and Unfair Competition

Product Counterfeiting: Enforcement of Civil Remedies (.ppt file. Right click on link and choose Save As to download).

Federal and State Anti-Dilution Laws

Dennis Rodman’s Tattoos are Trademarks?

Director, Officer and Shareholder Liability for a Corporation’s Unfair Competition

Infringing Potato Chips

$5.5 Million Verdict in Unfair Competition Case

Conkle, Kremer & Engel Protects Italian Food Purveyor’s Trademark from Infringement by Restaurant Chain

Protection Against Trademark Dilution

Professional Liability

The Final Word: Jordache Prevails Over Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison on Statute of Limitations Battle in Lawyer Malpractice Action

Watching Where You Step“,by Stuart Kahan The Practical Accountant, April 1998, Vol. 31, No. 4, p. 52

First Response to Surprise Departure of Top Executive to Marketplace Rival (pdf)

Real Property and Construction Law

Church Obtains $4.8 Million in Construction Defect/Mold/Insurance Bad Faith Claims

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