Conkle, Kremer & Engel, Professional Law Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Conkle Kremer & Engel acknowledges and embraces its responsibility to the environment, and to the local and greater communities in which we work.  CK&E actively encourages its staff to recognize those responsibilities and to behave in a responsible manner toward the society in which we function.

CK&E regards the setting of a good example as an important practice in this regard. Below are just a few examples of how CK&E has shown its commitment to practice responsible corporate behavior and to establish and support socially responsible initiatives.

Environmental Awareness

For more than 20 years CK&E has been actively engaged in digitizing files and documents to gain efficiency and reduce the need for paper and printing.  CK&E actively encourages email transmittal and electronic filing, rather than distribution of paper copies.  CK&E’s goal is to reduce to the greatest extent possible reliance on printed documents.

CK&E uses recycled paper for the documents that are printed.  CK&E engages a secure recycling service to efficiently shred and recycle nearly all of the paper that is used or received in-house.

CK&E has arrangements with building management to separate and green-recycle food products for compost, and scrap paper and plastic products that are recyclable.  CK&E has receptacles for batteries, cans and bottles that are separately recycled, and encourages staff to actively participate in separating their recyclables. CK&E arranges periodic e-recycling events in which obsolete electronic devices are collected for recycling and safe disposal.

CK&E has installed supplemental air conditioning units in zoned segments so that air conditioning and heat can be directed only to areas of the office suite that require it when staff work afterhours.  To the extent feasible we use timers and motion sensors to reduce electrical consumption.

CK&E participates in the City of Santa Monica’s Greening Program.

CK&E has developed and posted a mass Transportation Plan for all employees in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica’s overall Transportation Management Plan.  CKE supports employees who choose to commute by mass transit, bicycle or foot, by such actions as providing free bus passes to employees who opt for mass transit.

Charitable Support

CK&E is actively engaged in support of worthy public causes, by donations and by paid attendance at charitable events and by involvement in volunteer programs.  For a few examples, within the past few years, CK&E has supported the following charities through direct and indirect donations or paid participation in charitable events:

      • American Red Cross
      • American Cancer Society
      • City of Hope
      • Los Angeles Opera
      • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
      • Mesorah Heritage Foundation
      • National Legal Aid & Defender Association
      • Operation Homefront, California, through the Electronics Representatives Association of Southern California
      • SEAL-Naval Special Warriors
      • St. Raphal Elementary School
      • St. John of God Care Center

 Working Environment

CK&E’s employees are its most important asset.  Our goal is to make CK&E a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work.

CK&E provides an open and accessible work environment in which employees are appreciated, valued, respected and given regular feedback. CK&E management promotes an open door policy for concerns, thoughts and feedback for staff, we offer medical benefits, sponsor and financially support retirement planning by matching and supplementing employee deductions, and constantly maintaining current law regulations and developments to enhance employee security and stability.  CK&E promotes a creative working environment in which all staff are encouraged to develop and expand their skills, and to suggest adoption of new approaches to improve efficiencies and effective representation of CK&E’s clients.  We encourage and support participation in seminars and training to support employee health and welfare.

CK&E promotes employees based on merits and skill, and does not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, religion, gender or relationship orientation.

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