Joico Laboratories is a leading manufacturer in the professional hair care products industry.

Conkle, Kremer & Engel represents Joico Laboratories, Inc. in its legal fight to stop product diversion.

Joico’s fraud and racketeering suit against the financiers behind international rings of diverters concluded with a major victory. Due to the increasing popularity of Joico products, diverters have targeted Joico products to sell in unauthorized outlets, such as drug stores and supermarkets. Joico initiated a lawsuit to protect the integrity of professional stylists and the products they use and recommend to customers.

Conkle, Kremer & Engel used court-ordered discovery to expose the identity of conspirators who used mail fraud, wire fraud or customs fraud to obtain and sell Joico products. Evidence established that Joico products had been tampered with by some of the defendants, who tried to remove Joico’s product codes to conceal their conspiracy. More than forty key defendants were found to be involved in the ring of diverters. Several defendants, including large retailers, settled by agreeing never to sell Joico products again. Other defendants were permanently enjoined from selling Joico products.

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