Banking and Finance

Conkle, Kremer & Engel represents clients in the banking and finance industry in litigation. CK&E has represented the interests of a bank and its directors and officers in a complex legal action pursued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, involving millions of dollars in missing funds from electronic fund transfer transactions by a third-party payment processing company, resolving the claims using insurance proceeds. CK&E has also represented the interests of financial investors in actions brought against them related to investment of capital, successfully negotiating resolutions that ended investors’ commitments to fund failing partnerships. CK&E has successfully defended guarantors of bank loans, and has pursued claims against banks after client employee embezzlements. CK&E sued two major banks and obtained recovery of 100% of the funds embezzled by a client’s faithless bookkeeper who forged checks over a course of years. CK&E defended clients who were members of a failed Small Business Investment Company when they were pursued by the Small Business Administration, succeeding in drastically reducing the amounts claimed by the SBA and obtaining a refund of several hundred thousand dollars overpaid by a client on the demand of the SBA.

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