Summer Fun 2018 at the Conkle Firm

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Sure, we’re serious lawyers but we like to have a little fun too, especially during the summer with our law clerks.  This summer, our law student clerks joined us for a lot of hands-on, real world experience in commercial litigation, intellectual property and transactional practice.  And they still had time for some fun, including an outing to a Dodgers vs. Angels game in the Freeway Series.  We started with a limo stop for dinner at Wurstkuche in DTLA, and ended the evening with fireworks after the game.

Conkle Kremer and Engel at Dodgers vs. Angels 2018

We also attended a special evening at the Hollywood Bowl – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, with a live orchestra and even more lively lightsabers.  The evening began with a special private dinner served at the Hollywood Bowl Volunteers Cottage, and ended with a limo ride home for our stormtroopers.

Star Wars at Hollywood Bowl 2018Star Wars at Hollywood Bowl 2018Conkle Firm Light Saber Battle at Star Wars at Hollywood Bowl 2018

Back in the office, our lawyers and summer law clerks joined in a lark of a project that one of our attorneys, Evan Pitchford, dreamed up as an homage to the movie “Inception”.  Rather than dreams within dreams, Evan decided he wanted to create “Shirtception” – T-shirts within T-shirts.  Evan photographed himself wearing successive generations of T-shirts to organically create an infinite mirror effect of image within image of himself in his T-shirt.  When Evan was done, attorneys and our summer law clerks wanted to join in.  This photo of our attorneys and summer law clerks wearing successive generations of the T-shirts followed:

Evan's T-Shirts Within A T-Shirt

One of our clients imports kites and other toys and games, and gave our attorney Desiree Ho a couple of kites as a gift of appreciation.  As summer wound down and fall breezes picked up, a few of our attorneys decided to hold a kite-flying contest – from the roof of our building.

We can’t say exactly what next summer will bring, but we can say that we expect to have more fun.